New readers may be confused as to why I have used such a click baity title to lure you to this page, only to find out that I don’t have 6 reasons, but only one, good, self serving reason. Others may remember my previous sick attempts at luring people to my website with misleading post titles, such as the still effective, but undoubtedly disappointing for those who stumble on to it  “Magic Mushroom” post, and who could forget, my inspiring post on big melons.

Fun Fact: It is tradition for as long as there have been show days in Hobart, to use that day to plant tomatoes. Did you know Hobartians, that Show Day is just an arbitrarily chosen day, and that Melbournians use an equally arbitrary, but possibly more appropriate day of Melbourne Cup Day to plant out their tomato plants?

Hmm, that fun fact does make you think… if 4 million people in Melbourne wait until early November, would it be wise for me to? Answer – YES, if you want to get your hands on some of these great Wapsipinicon Peach which are in my opinion, one of the finest tomatoes available. I won’t repeat myself on their virtues, checkout this post:

I am just starting to harden these little guys up, and hoping that they will form a good root mass over the coming weeks. I hope to be able to offer readers strong, healthy seedlings around the 10th of November, ready to be planted straight in to the ground. Limited stock of 80-100, priced at $5 each or 5 for $20. If you are interested in pre order, add a comment to the page, and I will email you an order confirmation.


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