Now that you are just about to order some of the delicious and exclusive Wapsipinicon Peach tomatoes, which are now ready to be planted out, you are probably wondering “how can I plant them like the pros?”

Unlike most plants, which don’t like, and can die if planted to a level above their existing soil lines, tomatoes can and in fact, on all accounts thrive by being “deep planted”.

The reason for doing this is that tomatoes will send out additional roots from the stem now in its new underground home, resulting in a better anchored plant and more robust root system and plant in general.

Deep planting simply involves the removal of lower leaves and either dropping the seedling deep in to a big hole or planting on an angle so that much of the stem is covered in soil. The pic below will give an indication of what to remove (red) and where the soil line might begin (blue).

There is still time to purchase and plant my favourite tomato Wapsipinicon Peach so, don’t forget to leave a comment and arrange your purchase.

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