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Big Ripe Melons in Tasmania

I note that I was able to lure you in again with my, perhaps only suggestive to me, post title.  The melons, almost as if a switch was flicked, are turning yellow and ripening almost literally overnight. Home grown melons in Tasmania, I am still impressed!

how to grow melons in Tasmania 1

how to grow melons in Tasmania 2

how to grow melons in Tasmania 3

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  1. I imagine it has been perfect weather for melons this summer. Seems we may get a cold snap in the next week so maybe they ripened just in time!

  2. Nice! Were they sweet?

  3. When did you start these guys? Indoors before the last frost? I’m moving over to Bruny from Canada, and am trying to figure out the different growing conditions/the upside-down (or downside-up, depending on how you look at it) seasons!

    • admin

      July 2, 2016 at 9:48 am

      I tend to plant in early November after planting seeds inside. Hobart tradition is that tomatoes go in on show day (last Thursday of October), which coincides roughly with the last frost. I imagine that it must be hard to adapt gardening with the change of climates, but also very exciting. I have only been to Bruny Island once, to go on a very rough wildlife cruise. It is the only time that I have been sea sick, and now have that association with Bruny Island!

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