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Hoop House Update Mid Jan 2019

Just 11 days since previous post, it is now a struggle to traverse the path.

Hobart poly tunnel

Poly Tunnel Hobart Tasmania

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Hoop House Update Jan 2019

A new year has just unfolded. As with all new years, I enter it with high hopes of making big changes towards being the person that I want to be and living the life which I want to live… whoever and whatever that is – LOL. Luckily you are not charging by the hour.

In the meantime, I will continue to post mildly useful and entertaining content on the site. This time, another update on the hoop house. Roughly a month after the previous pics/post, the hoop house is still growing with gusto. I was worried initially at the lack of pollinators, but this may have been a result of having doors closed often for temperature control, cooler days and lack of observation, I have noted recently though, enough activity and forming fruit to put to rest my concerns. The only real problem so far is that growth is so good on most of the plants that the poor eggplants, one of the plants which were catalyst to build the hoop house, seem to be being a little out competed. I always have been one to plant crops too close together. So far, I am still very happy with the results and the hoop house is now one of my favourite corners of the garden.

Happy new year, and stay tuned for more updates in exchange for free therapy.

Grow vegetables in hoop house Tasmania 1

Grow vegetables in hoop house Tasmania 2

Grow vegetables in hoop house Tasmania 4

Grow vegetables in hoop house Tasmania

Grow vegetables in hoop house Tasmania 5


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Hoop House Update 1

1-1.5 months after planting out the hoop house, with a seemingly consistently overcast  end of Spring and beginning of Summer, I am pleased to present the positive results so far.

The tomatoes at the time of the photos (1 week ago) were 6-8 times larger than those transplanted outside at the same time. The basil has already provided 2 generous batches of pesto, and the eggplants, cucumbers and capsicums are beginning to take off with gusto, with some such as the cucumbers having more than doubled in size since the pics were taken.

The watering system is the start of a garden wide system – an effort to reduce time spent dragging a sprinkler around an under watered garden all summer long. It is possible that I will be updating folks on the progress of that one for years to come, but, I hope not to be.

Although I am impressed with the growth of the plants within the hoop house, I do have some concerns and challenges. With the weather being unpredictable of late, I am never quite sure if I should or how much to open the door/s before heading to work. In an ideal world, and maybe a job for down the track, an automated door with a temperature sensor could regulate the environment and take my guess work and manual labour out of the equation.

The other issue noted is the buildup and subsequent dripping of condensation on to the plants below. This has not seemed to cause an issue yet, but I fear that as time passes, this may encourage disease on the foliage. Time will tell and i’ll keep you updated.

Poly Tunnel Gardening 1

Poly Tunnel Gardening 2

Poly Tunnel Gardening 3

Hobart Poly Tunnel gardening

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Hoop House

A hoop house is what I have been calling it although poly tunnel may be the more appropriate regional name for the structure which I have been working on for several weekends, now, finally finished except for the path down the middle.

After trying out a small poly tunnel over a single garden bed last summer, with good results but with access issues for weeding, I decided to build the Hilton of grow spaces for those plants which thrive on a little more comfort than Tassie typically delivers. Destined for the house will be Capsicums, Chillies, Eggplants, Melons, Tomatilloes, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Basil, and, down the track, strawberries, raised in PVC pipes. Now that I have listed them all, it sounds like it might be a tight squeeze, but I will give it a go and keep you posted on the progress. Below is some images representing the longer than anticipated build process.

Hobart hoop house poly tunnel 1

Hobart hoop house poly tunnel 2

Hobart hoop house poly tunnel 3

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