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Back on Track

Finally, many months and several paths later, I have finished the path that began them all. Better late than never, they say.

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New Path to Tread

The post title sounds intentionally more epic than what the post actually is… did I get your attention?

My previous path work has been on hold a for a while as I wait for the winter rain that finally came to clear, and while I keep up on the other jobs in the yard such as weeding, mulching and planting out new crops and trees. I recently also had the  good fortune to pickup some sandstone flagstones, which may well just find their way into the paths that have been in the making.

In the meantime, this little space has been waiting to be a path for quite a few years. As I worked my way up to it weeding, I decided that I might as well just do the job once and for all and never have to weed the space again.

Small Garden Path - Hobart Backyard Farmer

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