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A Couple of Tub Pond Pics

Just a couple of nice pics from one of the tub ponds… I didn’t know frogs actually sat on lily  pads.

Water Lily in Hobart Tub Pond

Tasmanian Brown Tree Frog in Tub Pond

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Tub Ponds

I set up these tub ponds in the glass house earlier this Summer in an attempt to breed tropical fish within. From what I gather this is a great way to breed fish in a set and forget manner, with an over crowding of plants providing heaps of hiding places for fry and the outdoor setting providing an abundance of natural food from dead insects, insect larvae etc. I believe there is an added benefit for the glasshouse in that the large bodies of water act as a heat sink, heating up during the day and providing that heat during the evenings.

For those of you fishy peeps interested, there is a 160 litre and a 60 litre pond. Temperature extremes vary, particularly for the highs, but at the moment, the range between highs of 25-29c and lows of 15-20c. The residents are Pacific Blue Eyes (an Australian Native) and Neon Green Rasboras. So far, no fry have been spotted, and some of the fish are a bit elusive, so hopefully the cold nights have not gotten to them. One more resident (pictured) seems to also be appreciating the interest of the insects and the added moisture to the green house, I would be happy for it to set up home and spawn.

Regardless of the outcome of breeding, I think they look pretty nice.

Tub Ponds

Tub Ponds 2

Tub Ponds 3

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Mountain Dragon

I once encountered one of these Mountain Dragons in the backyard when we 1st moved in 5 years ago. Found this little fella today, glad to see that they are still secretly calling our garden home.

Mountain Dragon Tasmania

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Beat The Birds

Anyone who knows me knows that I love birds, mostly because they fly over your fence (an in joke from a public speaking course that I once did, needless to say, a piece of me died that night and never grew back). What I love more than birds is the literal fruits of my labour, which birds happen to also love, more than me. Being that we have clearly established that they have the superhuman, almost bird like ability to fly over fences, measures need to be taken.

Those who has seen a cherry orchard know that they are covered with nets. Birds love Cherries. The unseasonal November heat wave seems to have blushed the cherries early this year. I suspect, part of a bird’s success is they are happy to take a few bites out of a  partially ripe fruit, and leave the rest to rot. Being almost a real human being, I also succeed competing within the food chain, quite well in fact (I like to eat) therefore, this morning, instead of my morning cuppa, I was putting up the below primitive but timeless bird keeper outerer. Again, anyone who knows me would know that 4 x 4 metres of twisted net would normally be a trigger for a fit of rage. I can tell you that I calmly and skillfully got that net up in 25 mins, maybe I really am a backyard farmer?

Speaking of stuff, we have two lots of thornless blackberries on our humble suburban block, one covering a tree stump and the other, pictured below. Normally an afterthought, they typically produce a token amount of berries which need to be picked at the right time to ensure ripeness. I think age and care is a factor in their production as this year, they are laden with flowers and should produce plenty of fruit in February, after the bulk of the summer berries have already been enjoyed.

Lastly in a series of unrelated paragraphs, pictured below is another cute cacti which I picked up a couple of years ago. Love the little bright orange flowers which it produces each year.

Cherry Espellier netted

Thornless Blackberry

Thornless Blackberry

Cactus Flower Rebuia Species

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Another New Addition

Found this little cutie with his leg caught in some bird netting (over the brambles, just to fit the stereotype). I am regretting my moment of weakness for releasing him to continue his existence within the menagerie of the backyard. Now I am envisioning a future like Mr. McGregor from Peter Rabbit.

Hobart backyard rabbit

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New Addition to the Yard

We have a new addition to the yard, and he hates the lawn as much as I do. We 1st noticed the tell tale signs of an increasingly hole peppered lawn a few months ago, but until the other day, only caught a couple of fleeting glimpses of culprit. This lil’ fella is a Southern Brown Bandicoot. He is the second Bandicoot that we have had take up residence in our yard since moving in… a welcome addition, even with all the holes.

southern brown bandicoot in backyard 1

southern brown bandicoot in backyard 2

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A little surprise

I have the fondest of childhood memories of time spent patiently staking out and catching frogs (amongst other things). We do not see or hear much evidence in our yard of their presence, except for the occasional croaking of what seems to be passing visitations. I have had 2 chance encounters with a Brown Tree Frog recently. The most recent encounter while watering the orchids… just like his Amazonian cousins, I startled him while hanging out in a Bromeliad… vase like plants which catch water between their leaves, which Poison Arrow Frogs like to hang out and spawn in.

Not too long after, I noticed a new addition to the fish pond… maybe relations? I hope some manage to avoid the gold fish.





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Harder than it looks….

Wow, keeping up on regular blog posts is hard work… I have heaps of things to post, but not enough time. A quick look at my last post shows that it was around 10 days ago. That must be boring for you guys, that probably are not reading, as I am yet to list the blog on search engines or any of that other jazz.

10 Days… a few things have happened,firstly, sad news for the faint of heart, the baby birds killed by a cat, so, don’t expect any further cute updates about that one.

Secondly, a snake scare. I found some shed skin in the yard near some brambles. At 1st I thought, probably a blue tongue lizard (i’ll post a pic), but then, after research, found some information that blue tongues do not shed skin in whole pieces like a snake, but scale at a time. This put me on snake watch for the weekend with regular laps of the yard looking for the culprit, but the only large reptile I encountered was funnily enough, a blue tongue lizard. Further research, and examination of the shed skin against the blue tongue, and I have concluded that it is most likely the previous owner.

What else? I have taken quite a few pics to form the basis of blog posts. It seems a bit dodgy to be presenting events out of sequence or delayed, but hopefully I will get on top of it. Maybe if I don’t crap on so much 🙂 Anyway, below is a couple of pics about the snake/lizard debacle, and, I will work on another couple of posts.



above photo courtesy of Google (Specifically http://www.parks.tas.gov.au)

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