I picked up a couple of new raised beds recently. After much digging and leveling, they have both been installed, one filled with existing soil, the other one though, being a little on the entirely empty side. Ideally I was just going to fill with straw and grow potatoes, but with current straw prices, availability and a ute that is on its last legs, I reconsidered that idea. I had better buy up on straw this season.

What I do have after such a wet winter, is an abundance of lawn clippings, so I thought I would try my handĀ again at composting, now that I have a big raised hole. I have filled the hole with fresh clippings, sheep manure, cow manure, which, given all the sticks, might not have arrived directly from the cow, and sugar cane mulch (which I thought I would try it out given the price of straw). The theory is that the pile of fresh grass will start to break down and turn into a literal hotbed as I have seen piles of grass do. I will then start feeding it with the other materials, turning it over with a fork daily or so until, I don’t know, I have something resembling soil that I can grow what already feels like, late potatoes. I can add those to the list of late everything else that has yet to be planted. I will keep folks updated on the progress, with instagram quality photos of a pile of grass and poo.

On another note, I caught a snap of my favourite little visitor to the garden, a Superb Fairy Wren. These guys seem to be seasonal visitors the the garden (not to the region though), but appear to be hanging around more this year than previous years. I would love to entice them to be year long residents.

Composing in the garden hobart

Superb Fairy Wren Hobart

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