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Green With Envy

After Juz (a reader) showed me up with his well formed broccoli earlier this year…I have been patiently working on getting revenge with an equally well formed green brassica, only this one is a cauliflower. No secret tricks with this one Juz, just mother nature doing her thing. BTW, I tried your trick on another Cauli but I think all I succeeded in doing was to create a great place for slugs to hang out!

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  1. Nice! Shame about the slugs getting into your caulis… I tried the tie-the-leaves trick with all my caulis and brocs, and it worked quite well.

    The green with envy part though is me with my incomplete backyard. Garlic gets pulled out in a week or so, and then there will be no food plants growing until the renos are over with 🙁

  2. No, didn’t take it that way at all 🙂 Just hankering for some soil. That nature strip is on borrowed time…

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