Wow, keeping up on regular blog posts is hard work… I have heaps of things to post, but not enough time. A quick look at my last post shows that it was around 10 days ago. That must be boring for you guys, that probably are not reading, as I am yet to list the blog on search engines or any of that other jazz.

10 Days… a few things have happened,firstly, sad news for the faint of heart, the baby birds killed by a cat, so, don’t expect any further cute updates about that one.

Secondly, a snake scare. I found some shed skin in the yard near some brambles. At 1st I thought, probably a blue tongue lizard (i’ll post a pic), but then, after research, found some information that blue tongues do not shed skin in whole pieces like a snake, but scale at a time. This put me on snake watch for the weekend with regular laps of the yard looking for the culprit, but the only large reptile I encountered was funnily enough, a blue tongue lizard. Further research, and examination of the shed skin against the blue tongue, and I have concluded that it is most likely the previous owner.

What else? I have taken quite a few pics to form the basis of blog posts. It seems a bit dodgy to be presenting events out of sequence or delayed, but hopefully I will get on top of it. Maybe if I don’t crap on so much 🙂 Anyway, below is a couple of pics about the snake/lizard debacle, and, I will work on another couple of posts.



above photo courtesy of Google (Specifically

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