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Yep, that’s me, my apologies yet again, I am a terrible blogger.

It has been an interesting year here in Tasmania, weather wise, with autumn really only just having begun after consistently warm days right up until very recently. The recent rain has been a much welcomed relief from the El Nino conditions that we have been experiencing of late. The struggling weeds now have a new lease of life. It is great to see everything wet. combined with the overcast days, I am reminded of my hometown of Ballarat.

Now that we actually in Autumn, there is lots that can be done in the garden, in fact, it is personally my favourite time of the year in the garden. We are picking carrots and chinese greens (Tatsoi and Pak Choi) that were planted in February. Along with the spring onions which seem to be a perpetual staple in the garden, they make for great stir fry ingredients. Interestingly, I have tried to grow Tatsoi in late winter, only to have it go straight to seed. A mid to late February planting seems to have worked most consistently for me.

By the end of May, I will hope to have my broad beans and peas/snow peas in, and then garlic will be planted in June. It is however, that same old story about which beds to tie up while considering future spring planting. I obviously need more beds.

Just because I have pics with me, the Tamarillos are going strong, perhaps with more fruit than what we can eat… We will give it a good go though.

Grow Tamarillos in Tasmania 1

Grow Tamarillos in Tasmania 2

Grow Tamarillos in Tasmania 3

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  1. Well Michael, after seeing you today at the Yacht Club Trash N treasure I had a look: good stuff. Please grow some tomatillos for me 😉

  2. The tamarillo you gave me lost all its leaves (probably through neglect of being left in the pot too long. They’re coming back now, hoping I can get at least one fruit off the plant in its life so I can grow another! :-0 🙁

    • admin

      October 5, 2016 at 9:19 pm

      If it is getting leaves back, it should be ok..maybe just struggling through its 1st winter. The second tree that I have seems to set a larger fruit. Not sure if it is due to conditions or strain, but i’ll collect seeds shortly and sort you out with some.

      • Ta muchly! It’s looking happier that it’s been released from confinement and moved to some more sun – I’d tried to shelter it under the eaves but I think it was too dark there.

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