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Hoop House Update Jan 2019

A new year has just unfolded. As with all new years, I enter it with high hopes of making big changes towards being the person that I want to be and living the life which I want to live… whoever and whatever that is – LOL. Luckily you are not charging by the hour.

In the meantime, I will continue to post mildly useful and entertaining content on the site. This time, another update on the hoop house. Roughly a month after the previous pics/post, the hoop house is still growing with gusto. I was worried initially at the lack of pollinators, but this may have been a result of having doors closed often for temperature control, cooler days and lack of observation, I have noted recently though, enough activity and forming fruit to put to rest my concerns. The only real problem so far is that growth is so good on most of the plants that the poor eggplants, one of the plants which were catalyst to build the hoop house, seem to be being a little out competed. I always have been one to plant crops too close together. So far, I am still very happy with the results and the hoop house is now one of my favourite corners of the garden.

Happy new year, and stay tuned for more updates in exchange for free therapy.

Grow vegetables in hoop house Tasmania 1

Grow vegetables in hoop house Tasmania 2

Grow vegetables in hoop house Tasmania 4

Grow vegetables in hoop house Tasmania

Grow vegetables in hoop house Tasmania 5


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  1. Wow there is a lot of growth in there!

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