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Hopping Mad

I would be too, with such a shabby, frog related headline…you waited months for this crap?

Anyway, i’m not dead, I haven’t been in jail, and I haven’t been on the run (for the whole time), I have just been a bit lazy and time poor.

But, after a few weekends of solid weeding, the yard is finally in a state where i can take a snap without shame, so I will soon be boring those silly enough to subscribe, with regular ramblings again.

I mentioned a frog, and you bothered to read down to this point without jumping straight to the pic? Yes, the post is about a frog. I must admit, these guys are one of my favourite visitors to the backyard. This one was discovered hanging out in the glass house last weekend.

It has actually been great to get back in the garden and on top of things after the mild, but still cool winter. Hopefully I can get you guys back reading the blog and keeping me on top of my weeding.

Brown tree frog hobart

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  1. I would love to have frogs in my yard. Needs a water source first!

    • admin

      October 5, 2016 at 9:15 pm

      I get the impression that these guys are just passing visitors, not permanant residents. Pond is on my list to see if I can get them to move in for good

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