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How to waste a long weekend

I am qualified to answer that question, as I am a habitual long weekend waster. Starting with big dreams of tidying the yard, and sometimes even bigger dreams of tidying the house and a multitude of tip runs to rid of all the clutter and crap, which I can only imagine results in, I don’t know, joyous skipping and whistling. I wouldn’t know, I never quite seem to achieve it, or normally, even start it.

It might be because I am inherently lazy, a dreamer, or too busy? On this occasion, for 30 minutes or so this weekend, it was because we went on a short walk to O’Grady’s falls, a child friendly walk at the bottom of Mt. Wellington. I have heard that, due to all of the rain we have had, it is a good year, not only for weeds, but for the native orchids of Tasmania. Bringing me in a round about way to the point of this post. Because no-one has ever said, “we would like more orchid posts”, here is another orchid pic. This time, a type of Bird Orchid. I have never come across these before, but mind you, I don’t go in search of them. The plants could be seen, I reckon by the hundreds on the sides of the tracks leading to the falls. a closer look, a few can be found sporting these cute little flowers.

Hobart Bird Orchid

Hobart Bird Orchid 2

O'grady's falls Tasmania

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  1. Looks nice. Maybe you can take me to see them wgen we visit. Liza

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