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If You Can’t Beet Them

Wow, what a lazy blogger. It has been over a month ┬ásince i have last posted…ill have to try to do a few to make up for it!

Here is a token post with some freshly harvested yellow beetroot. I can’t recall the name of the variety, but if are not already aware, you should know that beetroots are available in an amazing range of colours, shapes and sizes. Beetroots are delicious, keep well in the ground and fridge and i’m led to believe that canning them is easy as…i might even give it a go if I can manage to motivate myself to do so.

Grow beetroots in hobart

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  1. Love the various types of beetroot! Red is just so boring in comparison!

  2. I think the thing is, most people are used to red, and think it is boring or normal as a result…. But it happens to be just plain yummy!

    I’m in Israel, and just had borscht presented to me in the form of beet juice from steamed beets + lemon + brown sugar. It’s amazing how things vary around the world! It certainly sounds like soupy-borscht season in Tassie!

    • admin

      July 2, 2016 at 9:53 am

      I had to look up exactly what Borscht was, which is kind of embarrassing due to my Slavic decent. I have even had chocolate cake made with beetroot, so, it does appear to be fairly versatile.

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