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Landscaping Update

Although i’m sure that no-one other than myself and perhaps my mum actually care about the landscaping (don’t get the wrong idea, she doesn’t live with me and 10 cats), I promised updates and am a little proud of how things are coming along. After a great deal of digging, measuring, levelling, drilling and what not, all that is needed is weed mat, gravel and a little planting and mulching. Not too long before I can post the pics of the final result. Just stage one of what I am sure will be many 😉

Hobart Backyard Farmer Landscaping Update 4

Hobart Backyard Farmer Landscaping Update 2

Hobart Backyard Farmer Landscaping Update 2

Hobart Backyard Farmer Landscaping Update 1

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  1. Weatherall Paul

    August 6, 2017 at 10:13 pm

    Looking good

  2. Look forward to checking out the new beds when we visit in November. We may bring the BMW club members on a horticultural and landscaping tour of your lovely garden. PS I do not own 10 cats. Liza

  3. Will the yard be wheel barrow friendly? Any plans for vertical gardens on the paling fence?

    • admin

      August 7, 2017 at 7:25 am

      This section, unfortunately is not wheel barrow friendly, although, hopefully, i won’t need one up there too often.

      Never tried much in the way of vertical gardens. It is one of those things that I imagine to look good when 1st planted and not so good 3 months later. That fear aside, it is the south side of the fence, therefore, on the shady side, maybe OK for some elkhorns or alike. No plans right now except for a couple of camelias.

  4. Nice use of the space 🙂
    Are they raspberry canes in the redgums sleeper bed?

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