If you now have a 90’s classic stuck in your head, then, congratulations, you passed the, “I was cool in the 90’s” test, and I have just revealed my approximate age.

This Peach tree was here when we arrived coming on 3 years ago, I would guess that it may have only been there for a year, planted as bare rooted stock. I must admit, I kind of ignored and neglected this particular tree, building beds around it and not being overly fussed as to whether fruited or not, in fact, it has generally suffered from curly leaf each season. This year, it has fruited for the 1st time, and, I am feeling a little guilty for the neglect, as it has provided us with ample amounts of gorgeous juicy fruit.

It is times like this that you realise why, before the times of mass food production and shipping that preserving, canning, jamming and alike ever gained popularity. One can only eat so many peaches at one time, therefore, we have been busy doing the lazy preserve… stewing and freezing. When joined by the seasons stewed Apricots, Tomato Sauces and miscellaneous¬† frozen vegies, meat and the odd tub of ice cream, the realisation has happened… we need a bigger freezer.

Anyhow, I really just wanted to take the opportunity to post about something other than orchids. Below, some pics after removing the netting, with, the last of the harvest.

Hobart Peach Tree 1

Hobart Peach Tree 2

Hobart Peach Tree 3

Hobart Peach Tree 4

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