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Missin’ Your Strawberry Kisses

Even to this day, recalling the song which inspired this post title still makes me want to regurgitate my very recent, and quite delicious meal. I’m not sure why I am going ahead with it.

Today I prepared my first batch of strawberry wine. The result of a new hobby born after being a teetotaller for 12 odd years. Drinking is a great hobby, but, the desire to be as close as possible to my food sources, and have a clear understanding of the ingredients (alcohol seems to be exempt from labeling requirements) has led me to the art of fruit winemaking.

What better way to preserve this year’s excess tamarillos, rhubarb and a lucky score of feijoas? Not to mention my plans for all the summer fruits that will be soon in season.

Tomorrow, while sheltering from the midday heat,  my 1st batch of mead will be prepared. Perhaps the oldest and simplest of alcoholic beverages, in its most basic form, can be created with just honey, water and yeast. Being a huge honey consumer, and having access to the great honey available in Tasmania, it seems like a no brainer.

The strawberry wine reminded me of our own strawberry patch, which seems to be gearing up for a bumper crop this year. The berry in the lead already showing signs of being tampered with by an unwelcome guest prompted the netting to be rolled out and installed.

Speaking of unwelcome guests, the close encounter with a white lipped snake in the yard just the other day was cause for concern. A beautiful creature, they are, like all of Tasmania’s snakes, venomous. For healthy human adults, the effect of the venom is supposedly not too bad, and with the snake being on the shy side, it is our secured on a lead but ever curious and somewhat wannabe hunter of a cat which is of most concern. With luck, the snake, despite being surrounded by its favourite food of skinks, will decide to move on.

Strawberry Farming Hobart

Strawberry farming Hobart

Hard to believe this cutie is a killer… I have, with my very own eyes, seen this cat take down a moth like an assassin

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  1. I’ve crossed paths with a few snakes lately, a white lipped snake winding across a driveway in front of my car, a Lowland Copperhead (approx 1.5 m long) sliding across a walking track and a small Lowland Copperhead that weaved itself into the base of the lawn (out of sight in 3 seconds). The ‘live and let live’ approach is congruent with my belief and dressing appropriately and maintaining a respectful vigilance adds another form of exercise to my day.

    • admin

      November 19, 2017 at 1:58 pm

      Thank’s for sharing your tales of terror. Although I have a primitive fear response when I sight a snake, I think I still fear Nicky Webster more.

      • So you’re not missin’ or wishin’ the sweet taste of those strawberry kisses? Nikki is back with rap & rockin’ and thanks for the warning.

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