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New Addition to the Yard

We have a new addition to the yard, and he hates the lawn as much as I do. We 1st noticed the tell tale signs of an increasingly hole peppered lawn a few months ago, but until the other day, only caught a couple of fleeting glimpses of culprit. This lil’ fella is a┬áSouthern Brown Bandicoot. He is the second Bandicoot that we have had take up residence in our yard since moving in… a welcome addition, even with all the holes.

southern brown bandicoot in backyard 1

southern brown bandicoot in backyard 2

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  1. That’s great. Hope he dosen’ t have any bad habits you don’t know about. He looks pretty big to me.

    • admin

      January 6, 2016 at 6:23 am

      Yes, he is pretty big for a bandicoot. Bad habits? Maybe… I have been finding cigarette butts all over the place.

  2. Oh he is adorable!

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