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Orchid Update

You guessed it, I haven’t posted in a while, so i’ve taken a couple of quick snaps of orchids. For those of you who are interested, these were all living in the orchidarium and began to spike and flower in there.

The orchidarium itself is getting updated with a new larger tank, i’ll post on that soon.  I have more posts from the vegie garden coming, I am just trying to find the time to fit them in around other things. Hopefully a few pics of these gorgeous orchids with placate you for now.

Hobart phaleanopsis orchidarium 1

Hobart Phaleanopsis Orchidarium 2

Hobart Phaleanopsis Orchidarium 3

Hobart Phaleanopsis Orchidarium 4

Hobart Slipper Orchid Orchidarium 1

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  1. I’ve killed both the phalaenopsis plants I had. #plantmurder #sadface
    Glad yours are happy!

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