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Raspberry Time

I am starting to notice the the negatives of the seasonal nature of the garden, as that kinda makes the blog seasonal. The problem with this is, you guys may get sick of the same boring posts (and pics of raspberries) year after year.

On the flipside of my soon to be heavily repeated content, the fact that I am celebrating the coming of the raspberries on the blog once more means that the blog is now just over a year old. Happy Birthday! Thanks to all that have signed up over the last few months to recieve your sporadic, but hopefully, mildly entertaining updates via email… I hope that I can continue to entertain, inspire and create unwarranted jealousy in to the future.

Grow raspberries in hobart

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  1. Well I have no intention of having raspberry envy next year. I do however really really want (need) to know how to grow them! I am a very novice veggie gardener, having just got my first veggie box about 7weeks ago and apart from rubbish strawberries am going alright so far. Have you any advice re the raspberries, starting from scratch? Also compost heaps, have you got one? I keep checking out other peoples back gardens for them at the risk of getting arrested but haven’t seen too many…is it not the done thing? I’m not a local either! Thank you for any advice in advance.

    • admin

      January 6, 2016 at 6:53 am

      Hi Marcella. The good news is that you can gleefully avoid raspberry envy next year as we were surprised at the size of our first year’s crop. We bought 2 lots of 10 canes (2 varieties) over winter. We planted to dormant canes in rows across a space of approx 2×3 metres.

      An expert at raspberries, I am not (I am Yoda apparently). I have heard that one should cut the dead canes back at the end of the season, and also that they fruit from last years canes. What I can’t tell once they are bare and leafless is, what a dead cane looks like! What I do each winter is either thread them through or tie them to the fencing wire that I have running down the middle of the rows, or, plait a few canes together to support each other.

      Here is a link to another post that briefly discusses the raspberry patch.

      Compost I don’t do, although I should. Currently we are doing worms, and hope to move onto chickens. I am sure there are plenty of great resources on the internet to help with your compost. Here is a post about the worms.
      It’s OK if you are not a local, I wasn’t always one either, just as long as you are not… Irish 😉

      • Lol…luckily i am not Irish…i am even better..Northern Irish! I shall do that for the raspberries and check out those links in a moment. Next test is….I planted 2 strawberry plants this year, they have flowered twice but I dont know the significance of that wee gem of information. The berries are really smal and not that pleasant. I heard you got a better crop in the second year, have you heard that and if so do i just cut them back and mulch at the end of summer?

        • admin

          January 7, 2016 at 7:09 pm

          I think I know the strawberry growth that you are talking about..they do turn red, but they are kind of hard, dry and pathetic? I’m not really sure what might cause that, maybe if the soil on the dry side you could try watering a bit more? Maybe someone else might have an idea?

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