Last night, while troubleshooting the creation of a replica test website, I accidentally deleted the database from the live website (the one which you are reading currently), resulting in taking it offline for a period of time. Luckily, I had a recent backup (which I was using to create the replica), so I was able to quickly restore the site. The result though, was the loss of any comments since I had taken the backup.

If these were your comments, and my replies to your comments, don’t take offence, I haven’t removed them manually, they just were not in the backup, and will never return… feel free to repost if you wish.

On another note… I thought I could jazz the pretty boring post up with an image representing the Armageddon type scenario of deleting the database… Unfortunately, it appears that free stock images are as rare as hen’s teeth. I after wasting half an hour searching, I found a good old Blue Screen of Death. This will have to do, as, I am far to cheap to pay for a better image!


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