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Spikey Beauty

Having been a fan of cacti many years ago, my interest waned as I focussed on other persuits. Recently I started coming across images of cacti flowers on pinterest which caught my attention. With great diversity, ease of care, and flowers which challenge even orchids in beauty, it might be time to start adding a few more to my collection. I picked this little fella up from a hardware store a while back, and it has just rewarded me with this gorgeous flower.

I can’t claim credit for the flower in the second picture, as the plant was already in spike when I purchased it, but, I just had to share. The orchid is named Miltoniopsis Breathless ‘Beauty’. Miltoniopsis are commonly known as “the Pansy Orchid” for obvious reasons.


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  1. Lovely flowers. i grew up with parents who grew both cacti and orchids and so have a love of these plants myself.

    • admin

      November 20, 2017 at 7:04 pm

      Thanks for sharing, it seems you are not alone, I have come across a few people who have shared their fond memories of their parent’s and grandparent’s orchids. They would be extremely jealous of the variety of hybrids available to the hobby today.

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