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Straw Bale Potatoes

Due to the lack of watering and sheer laziness, I suspect my chicken wire potatoes experiment will be a failure (judging by the struggling, thirsty looking plants living in there). I have however inadvertently  performed another experiment with better than expected results. Before I lay claim to this technique, it is not new, and I have heard of people growing potatoes in this way, in fact, I regularly ride past a garden where a whole bunch of spuds are being grown using this method.

What I am talking about is growing potatoes in straw bales. I have read that all sorts of veggies can be grown in this way, and I have experimented with it myself  a while back, but, I believe that my bales were a bit too fresh. Last year though, during potato harvest, I discarded a few scrappy potatoes on top of a straw bale. I have noticed the plants growing vigorously over the past months, and recently dying back. The result, a nice amount of good sized dutch creams, and a harvest, unlike the normal back breaking and dirty affair, that was as easy as pulling straw apart.

I think next season, a change from this years efforts (or lack thereof), it will be straw bale potatoes all the way.

grow straw bale potatoes hobart 1

Grow Straw Bale Potatoes Hobart 2

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  1. I had a crack at strawbale gardens last season. Bad season for it IMO – too hot and dry. Mind you, NOTHING coped well last season in my yard due to the heat and dry! Leafy greens weren’t a fan. When I finally got carrots to germinate they worked quite well, and the tomatoes pumpkins and nasturtiums loved it.

    • admin

      October 5, 2016 at 9:24 pm

      I too have not had much luck with straw bale gardening, don’t give up! From my experience, I don’t consider most leafy greens to me summer crops.

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