I set up these tub ponds in the glass house earlier this Summer in an attempt to breed tropical fish within. From what I gather this is a great way to breed fish in a set and forget manner, with an over crowding of plants providing heaps of hiding places for fry and the outdoor setting providing an abundance of natural food from dead insects, insect larvae etc. I believe there is an added benefit for the glasshouse in that the large bodies of water act as a heat sink, heating up during the day and providing that heat during the evenings.

For those of you fishy peeps interested, there is a 160 litre and a 60 litre pond. Temperature extremes vary, particularly for the highs, but at the moment, the range between highs of 25-29c and lows of 15-20c. The residents are Pacific Blue Eyes (an Australian Native) and Neon Green Rasboras. So far, no fry have been spotted, and some of the fish are a bit elusive, so hopefully the cold nights have not gotten to them. One more resident (pictured) seems to also be appreciating the interest of the insects and the added moisture to the green house, I would be happy for it to set up home and spawn.

Regardless of the outcome of breeding, I think they look pretty nice.

Tub Ponds

Tub Ponds 2

Tub Ponds 3

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