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Waverley Wildflower Walk

We went for a stroll (sounds leisurely and splendid hey?) on the Waverley wildflower walk over the weekend. I had never been on the walk, which starts, and funnily also ends behind Mornington. Mostly open grasslands and woodlands, with sections of it forming a part of “The Charles Darwin Trail“, which aims to ¬†follow in the footsteps of Darwin’s time in the area. Amongst the interesting display of native flowers, I was most interested in the orchids. A few unopened sun orchids were noted (they only open in bright sun), but what really caught my attention were plentiful displays of these Diurus orchids, which, from looking at photographs, and for those boring or interesting enough to care, might be Diuris Sulphurea.

Diuris Sulphurea

Diuris Sulphurea 2

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  1. Ooh must add that walk to the agenda

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